High-Quality Perth Bore Covers

Advantage Bores and Reticulation operates as a full-service business. We are committed to making the lives of residents around Perth and the surrounding suburbs convenient and simpler by providing our unparalleled services at competitive rates. Our services include the installation and repair of Perth reticulation systems and submersible bore pumps Perth. In addition, we also offer bore pump covers to safeguard the bore pumps from external damage and protect your loved ones from experiencing a dangerous fall into a wide bore pump. At Advantage Bores and Reticulation, our core values include customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and integrity. We are completely transparent with our customers about costs and ensure they are not overpaying for services. We aim to provide the highest quality of services at the most reasonable rates because we believe everyone deserves to lead a safe and comfortable life. We are proud to say that with over 21 years of experience, we have gained residents’ trust across Perth by providing incomparable services. The satisfaction of our valued customers is proof of our hard work, integrity, and the high quality of our services.

We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of bore pump covers to bring you the most durable, lasting, and reliable covers. Using good quality bore covers is essential to protect the structural integrity of your bore pumps. Rusty covers are dangerous as they weaken over time and can cause anyone who steps on them to fall through. This especially poses a risk to children who can fall while playing in the area surrounding the pipe. Therefore, it is important to use solid and sturdy bore covers to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

The Most Durable and Effective Bore Covers Perth Residents Have Ever Seen

At Advantage Bores and Reticulation, we have a great selection. For residents of Perth bore covers are easy to buy and have installed. With us, you’ll find terrific availability of lasting and top-quality covers for residents across the city. If you are not aware of the technical details, such as measuring your bore pump and finding the right cover for it, you do not have to worry because we will do it all for you. First, our specialists will examine your bore pump and recommend the best one for you. We will then measure the inner and outer diameter of the pump and provide you with the perfect cover.

Our bore covers Perth resident’s love includes the following options:

Traditional Covers

Traditional bore covers are the ones most commonly used in Australia. They are built from thick and strong galvanized steel that measures 1.2mm in thickness. Additionally, they have no joints or welds, which prevents them from rusting, thus protecting their structural integrity for longer periods. They also come with a weather-resistant breather cap in the center. To find the right size traditional cover for your bore pump, you need to measure the diameter between the outer edge of the pump. Traditional covers are available in three sizes:

1050mm O.D.
1200mm O.D.
1350mm O.D.

Solid Flat Cover

Solid sheet bore covers are built from heavy-duty 5mm thick galvanized checker plate steel. They are easily removable because they are equipped with handles. These are available in two sizes:

1200mm O.D.
1350mm O.D.

Concrete Flat Covers

We provide high-quality concrete flat covers that are built from heavy-duty solid concrete. We highly recommend concrete covers to our customers since they are powerful, sturdy, and durable. Sizes include:

650mm O.D.
780mm O.D.
920mm O.D.
1240mm O.D.
1400mm O.D.

At Advantage Bores and Reticulation, we use only the best materials and remain responsive to the needs and demands of our valued customers. We have various colors of bore covers to suit your choices. Choosing us as your bore cover provider guarantees true-to-size, lasting, and reasonable covers. For more information click here to contact us.