Trusted and Reliable Water Bore and Reticulation Services Provider

Advantage Bores and Reticulation has been providing water bore and reticulation services for more than 21 years. With extensive experience, outstanding local knowledge, and unparalleled skills, we have successfully emerged as one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable businesses. Water bores are a primary source of water in Australia, and providing good quality and cost-effective water boring services for the residents of Perth is essential. Presently, we install submersible water bores, which are a more reliable option than conventional water bores. Submersible bores create a high-pressure flow of water, eliminating the chances of undesirable issues such as cavitation. Moreover, we deliver high-quality water bore covers at reasonable rates. Our team goes out of their way to ensure every precaution is taken and the final result is perfect.

We have put together a team of highly qualified and certified professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the industry through innovation and by changing the standards of water bore and reticulation services. The satisfaction of our large pool of customers is a reflection of the commitment and tireless hard work of our skilled staff. Our staff currently holds a National Police Clearance and were recruited after passing a thorough background check and proving their expertise. Our outstanding testimonials are a clear indication of our excellent work ethic and quality of services. In addition, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers of materials used in water bores and reticulation systems. Our goal is to install strong, durable, lasting, and cost-effective systems so we can help make the lives of our valued customers easier and comfortable. Contact us today!