Advantage Bores & Reticulation services is a local, family owned business and has been operating in the Bore Water & Reticulation industry for 20 Years.

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Servicing Perth & all surrounding suburbs we pride ourselves on delivering a fast & efficient service. There is no job too big or too small for us to tackle. We are fully insured & all our staff have a current National Police Clearance.

Quick and Efficient Water Bore and Reticulation Perth Residents Need

Bore Reticulation Perth is a family-owned business committed to making lives simple and convenient for residents across Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Bore Repairs Perth expert team has done an excellent job installing, replacing, and repairing water bore and reticulation networks for over 21 years. Over the last two decades, we have gained the trust of many valued customers by providing fast, efficient, reliable, and lasting services. Our core values include quality assurance, customer service, and integrity. Our reticulation and bore water Perth homeowners rely on includes a team that thoroughly understands and adheres to our core values while carrying out all projects, helping our customers feel confident that their house is in good hands. We have emerged as one of the leading providers of Perth reticulation and bore water Perth residents trust because of our professionalism, responsiveness, and transparency. We keep you updated on the progress and inform you of all faults found in your systems, so you do not have to spend a single moment worrying. Our goal is to provide quality service at reasonable rates because we believe everyone deserves to have access to the latest technology and a properly functional water bore and reticulation system for the well-being of their home and family.

Our skillful and hardworking staff is fully insured and has a current National Police Clearance. Our goal is to utilize our extensive experience and knowledge of water boring and reticulation networks to provide residents across Perth with innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to their water problems. Call us now!

Cost-Effective and Reliable Water Reticulation System

With the recent shift in weather and declining rainfall in Australia, finding alternative solutions to keep your gardens lusciously green is crucial. We design, supply, and install new automatic and manual reticulation networks from new and existing bores, as well as the main water supply. Our systems carry a two-year warranty, and our staff goes the extra mile to ensure all steps are followed and every part of your reticulation network is installed properly, so there are no problems later.

Bore Reticulation Perth have streamlined the process of installing new reticulation networks. We start the installation procedure by examining the flow rate and water pressure of your house using a water pressure testing gauge to determine the number of sprinklers that can be used. Next, our experienced team of experts in reticulation Perth homeowners can count on, collects the supplies that will be most suitable for your house, depending upon the area that needs to be watered, flow rate, and water pressure. Next, we dig an eight- to twelve-inch deep trench where the line is laid out. With more than 21 years of experience, our Bore Pump Covers Perth team can dig a trench on any soil in a given area quickly and efficiently. After the pipes are laid out, we install sprinkler heads at all points necessary. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of water bore and reticulation networks that are known for providing durable, easy-to-use, and flexible reticulation lines. If your house is prone to pest infestations, our reticulation team is also equipped with the skills and tools to install systems that will keep termites at bay. Click here for more information about us.

Keep Your Garden Luscious and Green With Our Water Reticulation and Bore Services

Perth Reticulation Services are committed to providing the highest quality service to residents across Perth and the surrounding suburbs. We understand the significance of our job and aim to carry out each project flawlessly. We do not believe in cutting corners to make a profit. Instead, we prioritize our customers. Perth Reticulation are guaranteed the following benefits when you choose to work with our skilled and hardworking water bore and reticulation team:

Efficiency: Our reticulation system team is equipped with the skills, experience, and resources to provide the most efficient services to you. We operate quickly while ensuring the job is done perfectly, so you do not face any problems.

Cost-Effectiveness: We have partnered with the leading manufacturers to provide the most cost-effective water bore and reticulation options to you. We use products and materials that are reasonably priced, yet continue working effectively for years.

Responsiveness: We understand the inconvenience caused by a faulty reticulation line or a bore, which is why we are responsive to your needs and ensure everything is done according to your requirements.

24/7 Availability: We are available and responsive 24/7 to help you with your water boring and reticulation problems. Our friendly and cooperative customer service team is available around the clock to ensure you do not have any issues.

Durability: We prioritize our customers and go out of our way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We use materials and supplies that have proven to be durable and effective.

Warranty: We offer a two-year warranty on the reticulation networks and on the water bores installed by us and guarantee their proper functionality and effectiveness.

Insurance: We operate as a fully insured company for your ease and protection.

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 by Ashleigh Osbourne on Advantage Water Bores & Reticulation

Josh is extremely professional, reliable and honest and his work is always of a high standard. Would highly recommend

Thank you Ashleigh. You've always been at absolute pleasure to work for. I appreciate taking the time to write this review. Take care

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Trusted and Reliable Water Bore Perth Families Love Working With

Water bores have been around for a long time. However, the industry has significantly changed in the last few years and innovative bore pump options have emerged. Submersible bore pumps Perth are more reliable, versatile, and easier to install compared to conventional options for a water bore Perth residents have had in the past, and they work well for households in Western Australia. In addition, they do not require priming and are resistant to the issue of cavitation. Submersible Bore pumps Perth has curved impeller blades connected through a single shaft driven by an induction motor. The blades utilize centrifugal force to direct water in an outward direction. Submersible pumps generate a large amount of pressure and effectively push the water upwards. Our highly skilled and experienced water bore specialists examine your soil and ground to consider all necessary factors when choosing the right type of submersible water pumps for you. We offer a two-year warranty on our submersible pumping systems because we use materials that exhibit excellent durability and structural stability. They are a terrific option for irrigation installation and they work efficiently.

As a full-service water bore and reticulation business, we are committed to providing all repair and maintenance services required to keep your water pumps and water reticulation system in excellent shape. We also offer the highest quality of bore covers Perth residents have ever come across. We have a large variety of bore covers that differ in size and material. For instance, our concrete flat covers are available in sizes 650mm O.D., 780mm O.D., 920mm O.D., 1240mm O.D., and 1400mm O.D.

Quick and Responsive Bore Repairs Perth Residents Need

Water pumps are prone to damage over the years if not maintained or installed correctly. Our bore repairs Perth residents can trust are handled by a team with the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to quickly fix all kinds of problems with your pumps. Common issues include check valve leaks, tail-pipe leaks, and overall structural damage. Our responsive and efficient bore pump repair team in Perth arrives at your house within 12 hours of your complaint, examines the problem with your pump, and begins fixing it immediately. In addition, we also provide guidelines and recommend ways to take care of your pumps so they continue functioning effectively.

High-quality bore covers Perth are an excellent way of protecting your pumps from external damage and for your safety. We provide the most durable and effective bore covers Perth residents have available in the area. For customers in Perth bore covers are available in a number of options including traditional, solid flat, and concrete flat covers. When it comes to customers in Perth bore covers are most often the traditional variety These are rustproof and made of one solid sheet of galvanized steel. Our traditional bore covers Perth customers need are available in three sizes, including 1050mm O.D., 1200mm O.D., and 1350mm O.D. We also have solid sheet bore covers built from heavy duty 5mm thick galvanized checker plate steel available in two sizes: 1200mm O.D. and 1350mm O.D. The advantage solid sheet bore covers offer over the traditional ones is that they can be easily removed. Lastly, we provide reasonable, yet high-quality concrete flat covers built from heavy duty solid concrete, available in five sizes to fit all kinds of water pumps.

Emergency Bore Pump Repairs Perth Customers Trust

At Advantage Bores and Reticulation, we are committed to making the lives of residents around Perth easier and more convenient. Perth Reticulation provide emergency repair services around the clock, so you do not have to spend a single night worrying about a leaking valve or a decreased water supply.

We also provide bore water treatment services. If bore water is dug up close to the ground, it can be contaminated by bacteria and other micro-organisms. This can pose a risk if you use the water for shower, food preparation, or drinking purposes. Our bore water treatment services ensure your water is clean and free of all dirt and bacteria so you can use it without any risks.