• Bores Covers

    The Traditional Cover

    Built from Thicker & Stronger 1.2mm Galvanised Steel.

    They are built from 1 solid sheet of steel. No Joins or welds which makes them rust proof.

    Weather Proof Breather cap in the centre.

    Available Sizes are:

    1050mm O.D.

    1200mm O.D.

    1350mm O.D.

    Solid Flat Cover

    These are a custom made cover designed from a Heavy Duty 5mm thick Galvanised Checkerplate Steel.

    They come with 2 x Lift up handles for easy removal.

    Available Sizes are:

    1200mm O.D.

    1350mm O.D.

    Concrete Flat Cover

    Built from Heavy Duty solid concrete.

    Strong enough to drive over.

    Available Sizes are:

    650mm O.D.

    780mm O.D.

    920mm O.D.

    1240mm O.D.

    1400mm O.D.